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"Some women are lost in the fire,
Some women are built from it.”

— Michelle K., Some

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Orphan Black: Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done

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I’m thinking… maybe you and I could partner up.

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You asked me if I was in the meth business or the money business. Neither.

                  i ’ m   i n   t h e   e m p i r e   b u s i n e s s . 

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Lesser Mouse Deer.

The Orphan Black Cast on Tatiana Maslany
↳ Tatiana’s dedication, strength, spunk, friendliness and professionalism have infused the entire crew with a love for the show and a standard of working. She knows everyone’s names, says hello to everyone regardless of where they are on the so-called totem pole, is always kind regardless of how exhausted she is…and has garnered so much respect from everyone. It’s really special, and she is really special. – Kathryn Alexandre

Hell, I’m amazed you got this far.

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